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Top 10 Things to Do in Evansville According to TripAdvisor
One of the biggest gripes people from Evansville have is that there's nothing to do. As a native myself, I've certainly said that a time or ten. Maybe it's because we're too "inside the box." Meaning we can't step back and see what our city has to offer because we're too close. We're here …
Showplace Cinemas Releases Summer $1 Movie Schedule
Finding things to keep the kids occupied during summer break can be tough. You can only go to the playground so many times. But thanks to Showplace Cinemas $1.00 Family Film Festival , you can catch a movie without needing to take out a small business loan.
Best Places to Go Apple Picking in the Tri-State
Fall, stepping out into the crisp air just as you are warmed by the feel of warm sun.  Snuggle into your sweatshirt as you enjoy the sensations of the coming season.  What better way to experience the bounty of nature than a trip to an orchard...

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