What Really Happens When You Try To Go To Sleep
For some reason I can't ever get to sleep when I want.  Whenever I'm super tired in the time it takes me to put on my Pj's, brush my teeth, and actually get in bed, I've moved around enough that I'm awake again, so here's how my usual night goes...
Kat Can’t Sleep [ROBCAST]
At the very beginning of the show this morning, Kat confessed that she has not been sleeping .  Dr. Rob tried diagnosing and helping her in his usual fashion.
OMG This Kid is Adorable
I'm not usually a sucker for adorable videos that make you go "awww!!!"  But this viral video I saw in my newsfeed of a child falling asleep standing up while skiing is the cutest friggin' thing I have ever seen...  Enjoy!
Why We Dream [VIDEO]
Ever wonder why we dream?
This is really just cool! I am a total geek, but it's awesome. It's explained in a pretty simple straightforward easy to understand manner.