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Evansville’s Favorite Kids Movies [ROBCAST]
This morning, I was mourning the fact that I really want to see "Wreck it Ralph" but am no longer a child.  Furthermore, I have no children to take to see it as an excuse to actually see it for myself.  This kicked off a conversation regarding our all-time favorite kids m…
Rob and Ryan’s Old Halloween Costumes [ROBCAST]
This morning during a discussion about Halloween, Ryan and I began reminiscing on Halloweens of old.  Turns out between the two of us, Ryan and I had some pretty interesting costumes growing up.  Listen to today's Robcast below to find out more!
Evansville’s Favorite Scary Movies [ROBCAST]
This morning Ryan and I discussed some of our favorite scary movies.  We had a list of the Internet Movie Database's (I.M.D.B.) ten greatest scary movies of all-time, which wasn't bad.  We asked Evansville what some of their favorite scary movies were, and we got a good bit of fe…
Top 10 Signs You’re at a Bad Festival [HUMOR]
The 91st annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival well underway, and I think nearly everyone can agree it's a great and well run festival. But, it never fails that somewhere down the line, you'll run into a less-than-desirable festival. Here are 10 ways to tell you've found one.

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