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It Came From Evansville Watch – Couch Fishing Edition
Do you remember that early episode of "Beavis & Butt-Head" when the duo went couch fishing in an episode called "Couch Fishing?"  No, just me?  Well it sounds like they may have inspired some ne'erdowells right here in our own hometown of Ev…
The Rob and Ryan O’Bryan Take the Bean Boozled Challenge
Over the Easter holiday, I got a bag of the Jelly Belly "Bean Boozled."  If you're not familiar with what that is, here's how it works.  Jelly Belly is traditionally known for their delicious gourmet jelly beans and they make unique flavors that taste EXACTLY like what they're advertised a…
Watch Ryan O’Bryan Struggle to Record a Commercial [VIDEO]
Recording commercials is part the gig when you work in radio, and if you listen to this station (or any of our sister-stations for that matter), you've no doubt heard me on a fair share of the commercials we run. On a good day, I can do a quick practice read, then record the spot (that's what we cal…
Buying Organic – I Would if I Could Afford it
I'd love to eat healthier, but I don't want to take out a second mortgage to do it. Alright, taking out a second mortgage might be stretching it a bit, but seeing the price differences between organic and non-organic foods, it doesn't feel that far off from the truth.

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