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Johnny Depp Signs Paul McCartney Song ‘My Valentine’ [VIDEO]
I adore Johhny Depp! And anyone who knows me also knows that I am a hugs Beatles fan. That level of musical talent is something that you just don't see a lot of.
Now, back to Johnny Depp! If you didn't already know, Johnny was  born right here in the Tri-State - Owensboro, Kentuck…
Rolling Stone Readers Name Greatest TV Theme Songs
Rolling Stone has put together another list, this time asking their readers what the greatest TV theme song of all-time is.
Rolling Stone readers gave the top spot to "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" from Cheers.  The full list, with audio attached, is available here:
Rolling Stone Readers Compile Worst Cover Songs Ever
As I have often admitted, I am a sucker for countdowns and lists.  Here's another from Rolling Stone, a list readers voted on as the worst cover songs of all-time.  Overall I think this list is very good, all of these songs suck.  I know people who actually like some of the songs on the list, or at …
Rolling Stone Devises Hip-Hop Index, Crowns Eminem King
Rolling Stone magazine began a mission to determine the reigning King of Hip-Hop.  However, they wanted to do it in a way in which personal preferences were put aside and statistics actually determined the dominant force in the genre.  Although Rolling Stone has been vague about their rating system,…

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