Snow Day Breakfast: Warm Apple Cinnamon Granola Oatmeal [RECIPE]
Whether you get a snow day today or not, you'll want a breakfast that will fill you up and warm you up! I was first introduced to the Quaker warm granola last year and loved it so much but this past week when I went in to stock up, it was pulled from all my favorite grocery stores...
European Toaffin [French Toast English Muffin] Recipe
This morning, I was making myself French toast and my daughter helped me. I made her a yogurt, strawberry, and Cheerio parfait - her favorite - but she decided she wanted French toast too.
Since I didn't have any bread, I found the last remaining cinnamon raisin English muffin in the back of the brea…
Easy Summer Side Recipe – Coconut Rice
One of my favorite summer side staples is coconut rice. It lends a tropical flavor to grilled chicken, fish or pork. It's especially good paired with Fire Island marinade and grilled honey lime pineapple.
How to Make Easy Homemade Gnocchi + Meal Idea
Last night, I tried my hand at making homemade gnocchi. If you aren't familiar with gnocchi, it's an Italian potato dumpling. There are lots of variations to making gnocchi but this recipe was easy and I had everything in my pantry. They were simple enough to make and really delicious!

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