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Rebecca Black Cameos in Upcoming Katy Perry Video
T.G.I. Rebecca Black!!!
In one of the most "duh" moments of all time, infamous Internet sensation Rebecca Black has filmed a cameo appearance in the video for Katy Perry's new single, 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).'
The 13-year-old 'Friday' singer can be seen in the background in the teaser …
Rebecca Black’s Life Threatened
Whoever wants at this lovely young talent will have to go through me first! - The Rob
We knew that some people weren't fans of Internet sensation Rebecca Black, but we didn't know it was this bad.
PopCrush is reporting that two separate death threats, one by phone and one by e-mail, were made against …
The Rob Assists Rebecca Black to Youtube Milestone: 100 Million Views
Break out the champagne: The infamous viral video for Rebecca Black's "hit" single 'Friday' has officially passed the 100 million views mark on YouTube, according to Billboard.
The feat happened Wednesday morning, inching the video slightly closer (but not really) to YouTube's all-time view…
Rebecca Black’s Next Song Guarantees to Annoy
If you thought "Friday" was annoying, get ready to "LOL!" - The Rob
Are you sick of Rebecca Black yet? If the answer to that question is "yes," prepare yourself, because the 13-year-old Internet celebrity isn't going anywhere just yet.
In a new interview with The Sun, Bla…
Rebecca Black Removes “Friday” Video From Youtube!
In what will surely be seen as good news to some, and devastating news to others (like The Rob), the official video for “Friday” by Rebecca Black has been removed from Youtube after racking up over 68 MILLION views.  The song, while catchy, became a polarizing topic …