12 Foods Ryan Hates That Everyone Else Loves
There are countless varieties of food that are universally loved by nearly everyone. The key word of that sentence being "nearly". Everyone's taste is different, and despite the public's affection, there are several (12 to be exact) that I just can't stand.
Pumpkin Spice Frappé [RECIPE + SKINNY VERSION]
On a budget this time of year? Me too! But, um… it’s also that time of the year for our favorite coffee flavors to tempt our palate with detectible delights! Let’s be honest ladies and gents, do we really want to wait in line to order and pay five bucks a cup...
Cesar Millan’s Healthy Pumpkin Ball Dog Treat Recipe
It must be tough to be a dog around the holidays. You smell all these delicious treats cooking up and aren't allowed to indulge whenever you want. You have to resort to dog food for nourishment. Well, dogs of all ages, agonize no more. Cesar Millan has some fresh fall recipes that are sure to b…

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