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U.S. Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria
The U.S. began "intense" operations in Syria against the terror group ISIS early Tuesday, sending bombers, fighters, and Tomahawk missiles into ISIS-dominated territory in the northern part of the country.
Obama and Romney Go Toe-to-Toe ‘Street Fighter Style’ [VIDEO]
As the voting process enters its final hours and Americans prepare to find out who will live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington D.C. for the next four years, the gang at have come up with what I think is a better way to determine who should be the next President of the Unite…
Who Do You Think Won Last Night’s Debate [POLL]
The Rob's Radio Show was just discussing last night's debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  CNN is reporting that Governor Romney won 67% - 25% (8% believe it was tied).  We want to know what the Tri-State specifically thinks...

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