Drake VS Chris Brown – Who Would Win in a Fight [POLL]
It was reported yesterday that a boxing promotor has offered BOTH Drake and Chris Brown $1,000,000 to settle their differences in the ring. While I don't think this would ever happen, it begs an interesting question... Which rapper could beat up the other...
Did Sasha Baron Cohen Go TOO Far At Oscars [POLL]
Sasha Baron Cohen is KNOWN for pushing the envelope to promote his product, and this weekend at the Oscars, he didn't disappoint.

Check out the video of the stunt Cohen played on Ryan Seacrest during a Red Carpet interview at let me know if he crossed the line! Take the poll and let your opini…
Vote For The Ring Girls!
It's now time for you to cast your vote as to who you think should be a Ring Girl at this year's Guns & Hoses. Check out all of the pictures at the gallery and then cast your vote!