Was Music Better 21 Years Ago [POLL]
Last week I was a watching a VH1 documentary on Nirvana and the music scene in the early 90s.  As they often do during shows like these, they'll flash up a quick image of the Billboard charts from when the band hit #1.
This particular chart, from December 1991, struck me as very poign…
It’s Official — We’re Addicted to Our Cell Phones [POLL]
Everywhere you go you see people that appear to have their cell phones physically attached to their ears and thumbs for fear that if don’t stay glued to the godforsaken thing they just might miss out on something as important as a Facebook status update or the latest social commentar…
Should it Be Legal to Bury Dead Bodies on Your Property? [POLL]
During the news this morning, Kat told us a story out of Stevenson, Alabama in which a man lost his wife.  Her wishes were to be buried in the yard of their property.  The widower intends to fulfill his late wife's wishes.  Obviously, some of his neighbors are not happy about thi…
Are You For Stricter Gun Control Laws [POLL]
This morning the debate about gun control came up.  A lot of people have a lot of varying and passionate opinions.  Feel free to leave yours here in a comment.  Also, vote in our official poll!
Do You Support Legalizing Marijuana [POLL]
Earlier in the show today during Kat's news, the debate about marijuana legalization came up.  We had callers on both sides of the issue.  What do you think?  Do you support legalizing marijuana?
What is Your Favorite Cut of French Fry? [POLL]
Big Boy got fired up this morning when the conversation somehow shifted to French fries.  Big Boy believes the cut of the fry significantly changes the taste.  While I don't think it changes the TASTE, I will definitely agree that the way the fry is cut drastically effects my ENJOYMEN…
Do You Agree With Evansville’s Ban on Fireworks [POLL]
Mayor Winnecke has put a seven-day ban on fireworks, through Friday.  Obviously, this includes the Fourth of July.  The decision was made due to inclimate weather, due to the drought and the heatwave.  Do you agree with Mayor Winnecke's decision...

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