Girl Fails Planking Attempt in Kitchen [VIDEO]
Planking is taking the nation by storm. Celebrities, teenagers, adults, everyone is doing it! Many of these attempts are successful, but that is not always the case. Watch as this girl attempts "planking" in her kitchen, and things do not go well at all.
Tom Green Takes Credit For Planking Craze
To be honest, the whole "planking" phenomenon isn't very funny to me, but nonetheless it is a trend that can be seen EVERYWHERE!  From television to the internet, everybody can't get enough of images of people laying flat as a board in inappropriate settings.
Planking 101 – A Lesson In Pop Culture [PHOTO GALLERY]
Planking, also known as The Lying Down Game, if you don't already know, is a pop culture phenom or meme that involves laying down in unusual locations with your body rigid and your arms to your sides (like a PLANK of wood) while having someone take your photo to post on the inter…