Owensboro, Kentucky, Welcomes New Mellow Mushroom Restaurant
The newest addition to the Mellow Mushroom collection has opened at 101 West 2nd Street in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky. The restaurant invites guests to explore its far out design and décor. Indulge in the delectable menu and seek out the captivating art adorning the walls throughout the uni…
The Rob Investigates Microwave Clocks
The Rob has a long-standing theory that the microwave oven here at the radio station runs very slowly.  I decided to test this theory to see if it is in fact slow, or if I'm just crazy.
The Rob’s Fall Fest Essentials (For the Less-Adventurous)
Nobody is more confused and befuddled by the insane popularity of the Fall Festival than I am.  Admittedly, I'm not from Evansville originally, but I've lived here for nine years and likewise have attended nine of these city-stopping parades of gluttony, and STILL cannot wrap my head …

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