10 Things No One Tells You About Parenthood
You understand where Sweet Brown was coming from... 'cause aint nobody got time for that!
We all got a good laugh from ole' Sweet Brown but now that I'm a parent, her sage words have hit me like a ton of bricks. See #2 for an example.
Your hair will look like crap and your wardrobe will…
Funny Tweets By Parents The Week Of March 4
The popularity of social networking has given parents all new ways to embarrass their offspring, and often in hilarious fashion. Our favorite funny tweets by parents this week perfectly captured the frustration (and humiliation) that comes along with parenting...
Parents Embarass Daughter on Facebook
When I was young and I got in trouble I got grounded from the TV, now a days kids get grounded from their cell phones and laptops.  Well these clever parents decided to take their daughters punishment to a whole new level.

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