Why Eggs and Bunnies on Easter?
According to many cultures like the Ancient Babylonian, Egyptians, and others, the eggs symbolizes the rebirth of nature in the spring, and the bunny represents fertility or having lots of babies! Seriously...
New Facebook Layout – AGAIN? [POLL]
When I logged on to my Facebook account this morning, I thought my account had been hacked! Then I calmed down and realized that it was the designers at Facebook that had been tinkering around with stuff again.
How HUMAN Are YOU? Take the Human Test and Find Out!

After watching this video, I found out that I'm MORE human that I'd ever imagined! Watch the Human Test Video and see how many of these annoying, silly, or just plain DISGUSTING things you've done. Maybe you'll find out that YOU'RE human just lik…
Macklemore Lip-Syncs Thrift Shop on SNL
How do we know if that was the REAL Macklemore anyway? You can dress anybody up in a flashy red suit and have them memorize the song. I wanted a LIVE performance, that's why they call it Saturday Night LIVE!
Most EXPENSIVE Month – Beside December!
I was talking with a buddy of mine and he was telling me how MARCH is the most expensive month of the year for him now, besides December...My most expensive month outside of December, has to be September. The bank actually begins to break the last week of August and the bleeding doesn't end unt…
Beyonce is Just Like You – NOT!
I am so sick and tired of rich and famous people trying to act like they're "JUST LIKE THE REST OF US"! What's the use in being rich and famous if you're gonna try and act ordinary!

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