Were Movies Better in 1998 [POLL]
This weekend, Jack the Giant Slayer made giant news for being a, well…  “Giant” disappointment.  While racking Warner Bros. up a lofty $200,000,000+ price tag, the film made just north of $28,000,000 in its opening weekend.  The ticket sales were disappointing to sa…
Were Movies Better 20 Years Ago? [POLL]
While I was on vacation and visiting with my friend Jerry in Pennsylvania we wanted to see a movie and had a hard time figuring out what to see.  Nothing looked very good to us, we ultimately decided onLincoln,but wound up getting up and leaving halfway through because we didn't like it...
The Rob’s Favorite Kids Movie – A Goofy Movie
Ever since I admitted on the air to Ryan O’Bryan a few days ago that I hadn’t really seen any kids’ movies since the turn of the millennium, I have been getting a whole lot of grief from friends, family, and listeners wondering what is wrong with me.  While that answer may be somewhat lengthy, the a…
Evansville’s Favorite Kids Movies [ROBCAST]
This morning, I was mourning the fact that I really want to see "Wreck it Ralph" but am no longer a child.  Furthermore, I have no children to take to see it as an excuse to actually see it for myself.  This kicked off a conversation regarding our all-time favorite kids m…
Toy Story: Partysaurus Rex Short [VIDEO]
I ran across this from a fellow parent on Facebook yesterday, and took a few minutes to watch it. It is a Pixar short that played before Finding Nemo 3D. I am so glad that I'm a parent so I can go see movies like this - with a valid excuse!
Kat’s Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time [VIDEO]
With The Rocky Horror Picture Show coming to the Centre on September 28th, I've been thinking a lot about my top 5 favorite movies of all time - especially, since Rocky Horror is one of them! I thought I would share my top 5 with you!
What Movie Makes You Cry… Everytime?? [POLL]
This morning on The Rob's Radio Show With Kat Mykals there was a discussion about movies that make us cry EVERY time we see them.  The Rob admitted to crying throughout "Dear John" and "My Girl."  Kat cries during "The Notebook" an…
Evansville a Hotbed For Used Media
I’ve mentioned on this online blog and on the radio numerous times that I love pop culture and entertainment.  I like a good story – no matter what the medium is.  Movies, books, video games, music, it doesn’t matter.  As a collector of all things…
Three Movies in 2011 Gross Over One Billion Dollars
With 2011 officially in the history books, we now know which movies made the biggest impact on movie fans.  THREE movies last year grossed over a BILLION at the box office world wide!
- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (1 billion)
- Transformers: Dark of the Moon (1.1 billi…
The 30 Most Anticipated Movies For 2012
Big Boy found a pretty cool list this morning that we talked about on the air regarding the 30 most anticipated movies coming out in 2012.  Here is the link to the full list, and attached is the top 10:
1) The Dark Knight Rises
2) The Avengers
3) The Hunger Games
4) The Hobbit
5) The Dictator
6) Wor…

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