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Check Out the Royal Court in New ‘Black Panther’ Images
Black Panther is so close, and yet so far. We got a banger of a trailer, complete with emover-sporting Michael and an unlikely yet perfect soundtrack cut from Run the Jewels. At San Diego Comic-Con later this month, Marvel will show out in full force, and there’s no doubt they’ll tanta…
‘Creed’ Review: An Old Franchise Flies High Again
“The way I imagine it, after the fight, he’s riding home in a cab, with the roar of the people chanting ‘Rocky!’ still in his ears. And he just drops over dead. In other words, he has achieved everything possible and he dies when he’s on top. I don’t think p…
Nino’s Movie Review – FRUITVALE STATION
Fruitvale Station is a movie based on the true life tragedy of a young man named "Oscar Grant" that was shot and killed by police officers in the San Francisco - Bay area. Unfortunately, the action that is shown in the movie trailer is the ONLY action in the movie!