Medley Of Christmas Parodies Of 2011 Biggest Hits Songs [VIDEO]
I love when I find a video like this! This is just awesome! Here are the biggest songs of 2011 turned into Christmas parodies, and all mushed together into one awesome holiday medley video. Merry Happy Jolly Holiday!
Here are the songs:
Give Me Everything
In The Dark
Super Bass
Look At Me Now
Gucci Gucci
2 Man Medley Of Top Pop Songs From 2011 [VIDEO]
This is one of those videos that make me wish I had more time on my hands! It also makes me wish that I could sing!
Check out 2 guys performing a medley of Top Pop Songs from 2011 including songs from Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Niki Minaj, LMFAO and more...
A Back In The Day Acapella Medley of 90s Pop [VIDEO]
The 90s produced an enormous amount of great music. One Danish acapella group, LocalVocal, performed a medley of some of the biggest pop songs of the decade. I love how the video is set in tiles. It kind of reminds me of the Brady Bunch on steroids...