Use This Recipe to Make McDonald’s-Style French Fries at Home
Say what you want about the nutritional value of the McDonald's menu. Ask anyone which fast food chain has the best fries and even the staunchest McDonald's haters will tell you everyone else wishes their fries were as good as McDonald's. Having two young children means that McDonald's is a frequent…
Do You Remember the McDonald’s Menu Song
During the news Kat brought up the McDonald's Menu Song from the 1980's and Rob had never heard of it.  We have finally dig up the audio.  Have you ever heard this before?  Do you remember the McDonald's Menu Song?
‘McDonald’s Billboard Hosts Giant Game of Pong [VIDEO]
A giant McDonald's video billboard in Stockholm, Sweden is hosting a game of pong that just about anybody with a smart phone can join in, without having to download any new software.
Instead, potential players use their smart phone to log on to a website associated with the promotion. After the phone…