major fail

11 Email Fails You Don’t Want to Experience
The internet can be a pretty tricky world to navigate, and e-mail is no exception. Cyber messaging makes most of our lives way easier, but just like any other modern day convenience, a whole load of fails are born from e-mailing. Luckily for us, many of the hilarious ones turn up online.
Epic Fail Montage [VIDEO]
After watching the video that Ryan O. posted today with the kid and the exploding balloon,  I felt inspired. What is it that makes us, as humans, find humor in other people's pain? I don't know the psychology of it all, but I do know it to be true...
Gamers Owned by Arcade Boxing Machine [VIDEO]
Unless you have formal training in punching things, an arcade boxing machine is not something you should try out in front of other people, as the chance of embarrassment is quite high.
That goes double for taking a video of your first attempt at the game, as the two young men in this video so unfortu…