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It’s Rhyme time! My TOP Five Rappers of All Time
There are many different lyrical poets out there with just as many unique styles, but there are few artists in this genre of which I won’t listen. I enjoy most styles, ranging from the fun side of rap with D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince to the diverse artist, like Sir Mix-A-Lot, mixing fun hit…
5 Easy to Make Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Sometimes it's hard to find just the right gift for dad. You can only buy so many ties and tools before the 'cool' factor wears off. However, if you make dad a gift it will be something he will cherish forever. These are gifts that need a little adult supervision and assistance, but a…
10 Movie Remakes Worth Your Time
With a flood of craptacular remakes washing over Hollywood throughout the past few years, we would like to take the time to introduce you to 10 Movie Remakes Worth Your Time.

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