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Check Out These Amazing Chester Bennington Cover Songs!
The world of music mourns the loss of another young talented soul today as Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington reportedly took his own life yesterday.  I know a lot of people are making their own lists of their favorite Linkin Park/Chester Bennington songs or sharing their tributes on social med…
Linkin Park Release New Video – Wastelands
Linkin Park, in my opinion, is one of modern rock's best bands.  There are only a handful of bands in which I can say I own EVERY one of their albums, but Linkin Park is one of those bands.  Even though their last album let me down, I was excited to hear that they released a new video online yesterd…
Very Cool Adele/Linkin Park Mash Up
Thanks Facebook for alerting me to this really cool mash up of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" over Linkin Park's "In the End."  Check out "Rolling in the End" right here:

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