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See Photo of Lady Gaga in High School
Even in high school, Lady Gaga was glam and dramatic. She was born to entertain, and knew it even when she was still in her teens and especially when cast as Adelaide in her school’s version of ‘Guys and Dolls.’
Lady Gaga Releases Fifth ‘You & I’ Fashion Video
It's been more than 6 months since the last video for You & I, and almost a year since the very first one was released. Lady Gaga has really done it again!
The video is really kind of a little creepy to me. Of course most of Lady Gaga's work is usually a little gritty and eerie. Th.…
Adele Meets Metal, a Cover for Everyone!
So I found this guy on youtube, and well it's safe to say I've pretty much got a new addiction, and it's definitely his videos! You know, you can only hear so many cover songs before they all become very generic, UNTIL someone puts an amazing twist on them such as this guy!
Unreleased Lady Gaga Song Surfaces
Lady Gaga's ex-boyfriend, and producer Rob Fusari, told her he would start to release songs they made together, and he's making good on that word.  I've got her previously unreleased 'Reel Cool' song below for you to check out. (I feel so exclusive right now!)
Lady Gaga Wears a Dress Made of Hair
Yep, you read that correctly. Lady GaGa is known for wearing crazy things, from her Kermit the frog dress to her meat dress, she's always on the edge of the fashion curve.  So when she showed up in Hong Kong wearing a dress of hair people weren't sure whether they should pet her, brus…

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