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Justin Bieber Releases “Confident” Official Music Video
Amidst incredible media attention and controversy, Justin Bieber released a new music video last night.  His video for a new track "Confident" features Chance the Rapper...  Whoever that is.  What do you think of Bieber and his new video "Confident"…
Kat Gave Justin Bieber’s Mugshot a Makeover [PIC]
After seeing a side-by-side photo comparing Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus, I wondered what Justin would look like if I slapped some eyeshadow & mascara on him using the Perfect365 App I told you about last week. Behold! The Biebs as a young woman...
See Justin Bieber’s Mug Shot [PHOTO]
Generally mug shots are an embarrassing affair for multiple reasons (more often than not) -- but Justin Bieber seems to be an exception to the rule.
Why? He took one of the most photogenic mug shots we've ever seen.

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