Job Fair

Map of Most Googled Jobs Lists Strange Result for Kentucky
A new online career website has released a list of the most searched job in every state in the U.S. While Indiana and Illinois have results that make sense, our neighbors south of the Ohio River had a rather peculiar result, that I'm not even sure qualifies as a "job".
The Rob’s First Job
I'm sure you've probably heard us talking about or heard commercials for the Job Fair that takes place January 28th at the Holiday Inn on Highway 41.  This got me thinking about my first job.
KISS Listeners Share Their First Jobs on Facebook
Remember when you first became old enough to enter the workforce? Having your own money to buy what you wanted without having to beg mom and dad felt so liberating. First jobs usually weren't ideal, mainly just a means to an end (you want to buy something and needed money). Out of curiosity, I went …