Pharrell’s ‘Happy,’ Becomes Sad [VIDEO]
Pharrell's song 'Happy' is easily one of the biggest hits around right now. The song can basically get anyone one in a good mood, which you probably assumed by it't title. But when you change the key, 'Happy' instantly becomes a breakup song...
People Are Happiest at Ages 9 and 68
A lot people will tell you that college is the best time you'll ever have, but a new study suggests that the ages at which life is most enjoyable are actually 9 and 68. Researchers say that is likely because these ages represent a time when humans are more likely to make having f…
Are Working Women More Happily Married?
For years, traditional wisdom has held that when both halves of a couple works, they spend less time together and are thus less happy in their marriages.
A new study, however, seems to disprove that theory.