Buying Organic – I Would if I Could Afford it
I'd love to eat healthier, but I don't want to take out a second mortgage to do it. Alright, taking out a second mortgage might be stretching it a bit, but seeing the price differences between organic and non-organic foods, it doesn't feel that far off from the truth.
Five Funny Things I’ve Found at the Grocery Store – [PHOTOS]
I love going to the grocery store. Yes, you read that right, I said I love going to the grocery store. What seems like a mundane and necessary task for most people is my chance once a week to get out of the house and have a little "me time". I like going late in the evening without my kids…
The Greatest Rap About Food Ever [VIDEO]
I did not know that it was possible to rhyme this many foods together! This is super hilarious! I think that if this is how I shopped for groceries that maybe I wouldn't dread it quite so much.