Seven Writers Are Now at Work on ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’
Pitting Godzilla against King Kong, something that has already happened once before in movie history, may sound like a simple matter. But no, you can’t just write “Godzilla vs. Kong” on a blank piece of paper and expect it to happen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendar…
Godzilla Is Actually a Really Cool Guy in New Snickers Ad
Did you know that when he's not rampaging through cities and laying waste to the countryside, the legendary beast known as Godzilla is actually a really cool guy who likes to party, hang out with his buddies and play a mean game of ping pong? That's the one joke in a new Snickers ad, but t…
Inside Famous Characters
As a kid, I used to watch Sesame Street and Barney, believing that they were real characters in a far away land that I just HAD to visit one day. But I as got older, I realized that there were PEOPLE inside those costumes. I used to wonder who they were, and now I know! SPOILER ALERT!!!