Big Boy Makes Ass of Himself, Does Zero Pullups
Every friday you can join The Rob's Radio Show With Kat Mykals and Big Boy at a local high school football game in the tri-state with Local 7.  Big Boy made a big splash by entering the pullup competion on live TV:

You may be shocked to find out he …
How Big is Big Boy’s T-Shirt
It's always an exciting event when you receive a 6XL T-shirt in the mail.  We can ALL relate to trying on our XXXXXXL clothing to see if they fit, can't we?  Naturally, when we got our Ski Day shirts in, we had a hard time telling whose shirt was whose...
Your Car is Making You Fat
Here's bad news for Big Boy:
According to a researcher at the University of Illinois, automobiles may be to blame for the increase in obesity levels in America.
"People consume food, which is a form of energy, and then they expend it in their activities," said Sheldon H...
Price of Taco Bell Burrito Sparks Shootout
A man went to a Taco Bell in Texas and ordered 7 of their Beefy Crunch Burritos.  Formerly a promotional item for only 99 cents, the man was upset that the price of his favorite burrito had hiked up 50 cents to $1.49.  This enraged the customer to the point that he fired shots on the staff…
Big Boy’s Gonna Die…t 2/17/11 – 2/23/11
Big Boy's Food Journal 2/17/11 - 2/23/11:
4:00 PM - 4 slices Philly steak pizza from Dominos
2:00 AM - 2 more slices of Philly steak pizza from Dominos
Multiple sodas throughout the day
12:00 PM - Country club sandwich from Jimmie Johns with chips and a drink
5:00 PM - Bacon, chicken, ra…
Big Boy’s Gonna Die…t 2/16/11
Big Boy's Food Journal 2/16/11:
11:00 AM - Footlong Steak & Cheese (Fully loaded) from SubWay
5:00 PM - Taste of Hacienda Combo (1 Wet Burrito, 1 Enchilada, 1 Taco Salad).  4 Margaritas.
Numerous sodas throughout the day.

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