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The Rob’s Fall Fest Essentials (For the Less-Adventurous)
Nobody is more confused and befuddled by the insane popularity of the Fall Festival than I am.  Admittedly, I'm not from Evansville originally, but I've lived here for nine years and likewise have attended nine of these city-stopping parades of gluttony, and STILL cannot wrap my head …
#FallFestEvv Check Out the WiseChoice Map
Looking for something healthier than deep-fried snickers bars or brain sandwiches? Check out the WiseChoice Map from Deaconess.
The WiseChoice Map from Deaconess offers healthier alternatives to the regular Fall Festival fair. Ski...
2014 Fall Fest Munchie Maps Are Here [DOWNLOAD]
The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival 2014 is almost here!  And we've got your survival guide, the essential MUNCHIE MAPS available to download HERE!!  Can't find your chocolate-covered bacon?  Jonsing for a brain sandwich?  Yearning for deep-fried ice-cream?

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