Girl Fails Planking Attempt in Kitchen [VIDEO]
Planking is taking the nation by storm. Celebrities, teenagers, adults, everyone is doing it! Many of these attempts are successful, but that is not always the case. Watch as this girl attempts "planking" in her kitchen, and things do not go well at all.
Flammable Balloon Trick Goes Wrong
We've all had those "what if I try this" ideas. Sometimes we luck out and they work out surprisingly well. And by "surprisingly" I mean that no one loses an eye or breaks a bone. Then there are those ideas that sound really cool that don't quite turn out like you had envisioned. …
Epic Newscaster Fail
If you ask me, there is NOTHING funnier than newscasters screwing up live on the air.  Here is a great example of one such newscaster: - The Rob
City TV News Toronto reporter Saphia Khambalia was impeccably made up and looking good for her report on Charlie Sheen's 'Violent Torpedo Of Truth' tour sto…