New Facebook Layout – AGAIN? [POLL]
When I logged on to my Facebook account this morning, I thought my account had been hacked! Then I calmed down and realized that it was the designers at Facebook that had been tinkering around with stuff again.
How Do I Stop the Facebook Beeping Sound?
Has your computer made any strange pinging sounds today, but you can't figure out where it's coming from? The answer is probably Facebook. The world's most popular social networking site now makes a sound whenever you have a notification -- you know, for timeline posts, friend request…
Castle High School Lockdown Lifted
UPDATE: The lockdown at Castle Hight School has been lifted. Authorities detained a young man off campus after threats were made on Facebook.
Previously: Castle High School is under a precautionary lockdown this morning because of a Facebook threat made by a Castle student...
Teen Arrested After Making Facebook Threats
Eric Rizley of Portage, Indiana was having a bad day. So the 19-year-old got on Facebook and started issuing threats. Unfortunately for him, that was actually a very, very bad idea. Now he faces criminal charges

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