How to Get Around the Facebook Messenger App!
Everyone is on fire and up in arms over the Facebook messenger over the privacy terms and conditions.  Recently a glitch with the Facebook app has been found and there is a way to get around downloading that annoying messenger app! Details here!
Does It Really? Find Out Who Facebook Stalks You Hack Test
Welcome to the first non-video edition of, "Does It Really?" where I test life hacks from the internet to see if they actually do what they claim. Today we test the theory that you can discover which of your Facebook friends may be looking to be "more than friends&quot…
Ryan O’Bryan Presents – 15 Second Cinema [VIDEO]
Welcome to the first episode of what I plan to be a recurring series called, "15 Second Cinema." The concept is simple, short films I create chopped down to 15 seconds so they're easily digestible for today's on-the-go lifestyle. First up, a piece I call, "Disapp…

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