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It Came From Evansville Watch – Food and Restaurant Edition
While we didn't have Kat with us because of a vacation, our very own Ryan O'Bryan was happy to fill in with me and he was able to put together a FANTASTIC edition of "It Came From Evansville Watch."  For some sad reason, Evansville-area restaurants were the victim of…
BREAKING: Evansville Watch is Now BACK
In an update from a local story that started developing Monday, in a post to their official Facebook account, local police radio scan service and community watchdog site EVANSVILLE WATCH is now back up and running!
While still apparently owned by Bill, administrator Kimber is now at the reigns and h…
BREAKING NEWS: Evansville Watch Calls it Quits
In a developing story right here in Evansville, the Facebook and Twitter organization EVANSVILLE WATCH has posted to their official accounts that, effective immediately, the organization is shutting its doors.
Obviously this effects us here at 106.1 KI...

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