Girl Wants to Be Nicki Minaj After Wisdom Teeth Removal [VIDEO]
There's a trend on YouTube that I've been enjoying...  Filming your family or significant other as they're just waking up from laughing gas or anesthesia.  In fact, just last week MY girlfriend had her wisdom teeth removed and I have some great videos on my phone of her comi…
Ellen, Bruno Mars Prank Nurse [VIDEO]
Yesterday Ellen and Bruno Mars teamed up for a prank.  The stunt is part of Ellen's "Ellen's in Your Ear" series in which she feeds lines to people, usually pranking the victim as well as the celebrity involved.  Watch how she manipulates Bruno Mars into an emba…
2014 Oscars Trailer: Ellen DeGeneres Suits Up for Her Big Night
Ellen DeGeneres has been dancing through life -- on her talk shows, in her movies, during her stand-up -- so why should the Oscars be any different? The 2014 Oscars trailer has arrived in anticipation of the big night, and host DeGeneres is front and center doing what she does best: dancing!
Celebrities We’d Love to Party With
Ah, St. Patrick's Day. That glorious day where not wearing green could get you heckled or pinched, and alcoholism is celebrated rather than frowned upon. To celebrate (in ways that don't include dying beer green or expanding our livers), we put our collective noggins together and came up w…

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