The Rob and Ryan O’Bryan Take the Bean Boozled Challenge
Over the Easter holiday, I got a bag of the Jelly Belly "Bean Boozled."  If you're not familiar with what that is, here's how it works.  Jelly Belly is traditionally known for their delicious gourmet jelly beans and they make unique flavors that taste EXACTLY like what they're advertised a…
Three Cute Easter Dresses You Can Find in Evansville
This Sunday, ladies and little girls everywhere will pull out there fanciest Easter dresses and with 70 degree weather, it's a perfect time to wear the cutest fashions. Haven't bought one yet? No worries - here are three cute ones you can get right here in the tri-state.
Why Eggs and Bunnies on Easter?
According to many cultures like the Ancient Babylonian, Egyptians, and others, the eggs symbolizes the rebirth of nature in the spring, and the bunny represents fertility or having lots of babies! Seriously...

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