SNL Pokes Fun at EDM [VIDEO]
Even if you love Electronic Dance Music (EDM), you'll probably appreciate Saturday Night Live's sketch making fun of how ridiculous their concerts are.  This sketch had me busting at my seems because it reminds me of EVERY fan of dubstep I've ever met.
Kids React to Dubstep
One thing I love about kids, is how brutally honest they are.   This is hilarious.   In this video they play Skrillex's song 'Bangarang'.  Not only do the kids have adorable accents, but the comments they make are hilarious.   Comments like; "It sounds like my dog", "It's robot music&…
Siamese Cat Gets Into the Dubstep Groove – [VIDEO]
I'll start off by saying I don't get dubstep (am I even spelling it right?). What I do get are funny videos where people dress up their cats like hipsters then video tape them doing cat-things and edit it together to a dubstep soundtrack. It just so happens, I have one of those right here.
Coffee And Dubstep Sidewalk Dancing [VIDEO]
Take one guy and one park bench. Add in equal parts city traffic and coffee. Toss in a pinch of dubstep, and what do you get? Well, one awesome viral video of course! This guy may not have the moves like Jagger, but he's definitely got some mad skills...
Insanely Cool Dubstep Dance [VIDEO]
Dubstep is not really my thing. I chalk it up to a generational thing; maybe I'm just too old. LOL
I never would have considered dubstep to be danceable music either (remember... I'm old)
BUT this guy can definitely move to it! Check it out...