Funniest Dog Video I’ve Ever Seen
Here's the video that The Rob was just telling Kat Mykals about on the radio.  This dog had me, literally, crying at work.  Not the usual tears that I normally shed for being an incompetant boob and a constant failure.  No, these were tears of laughter and happiness...
Husky Needs Owner to Hold Her Paw on Car Rides
Meet Shiro, she's a 10 month old Siberian husky, and has anxiety.   She associates cars with being left alone, so when she is in the car she needs her owner to hold her paw like they are holding hands. According to her owner, he is working on her anxiety, but until then if it makes her feel better h…
Dog Does Gymnastics [VIDEO]
The best viral video I saw over the weekend is definitely a video of a dog doing a routine on gymnastics rings!  This video is from Spain and features a dog doing gymnastics.  The video is titled "Perro Gimnasta."  I have sent this phrase to our Foreign Language Translation Department, and…
The Worst of The Rob [ROBCAST]
Don't forget to tune into "The Worst of The Rob" EVERY Saturday morning from 8-noon!  Here's a sample from this week's show, in which Big Boy continues to be a bad dog owner:
Halftime Show Includes a Monkey Riding a Dog – [VIDEO]
As the old saying goes, "simple mind, simple pleasures" which probably explains why I laugh everytime I watch this video.
This quick nugget of hilarity took place Sunday afternoon during the halftime show of the Denver Broncos game. While no one seems to know why this event was part…
Dog Does Handstand When He Pees
This video nearly made me pee myself from laughter when I saw it in my news feed...  Unfortunately I wasn't doing a handstand at the time, but man I wish I was:

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