Behind the Mic – How Radio Commercials Are Made [VIDEO]
If you're a regular listener of the station, you more than likely have noticed that my voice is on quite a few commercials, or promotional announcements that talk about contests, events, and other things the station has going on. I'm often asked how those get put together, so instead of boring you t…
New Diet Coke Commercial Is Just Plain Creepy [VIDEO]
Ordinarily, I enjoy new commercials. They usually make me laugh, or at the very least make me interested in trying a product. I mean, that's the point right? To make me want to try what they are selling? This new Diet Coke ad featuring fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, is Just...
Best Commercials of Super Bowl 45
For a football fan like myself, you watch the Super Bowl even if your team isn't playing (maybe next year Colts) because it's that last football game until the Hall of Fame Preseason Game (Aug. 6th, 2011 - MARK IT DOWN!). But that's not the only reason you watch.