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Casey Anthony Speaks In Personal Video Blog [VIDEO]
It was the case that the whole world was watching. Casey Anthony's murder trial. It was also the case that shocked the world when the verdict came back not guilty. And then... Casey Anthony dropped off the radar. Until now. This is a video blog from October that has made it's way viral...
The Rob’s Video Blog 7/18/11
Today The Rob recaps highlights from today's show, talks about some great online videos, and has a theory his girlfriend Maci from Teen Mom:
UPDATE: Casey Anthony to be Released from Jail on July 13th
Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for lying to investigators in charge of the search for her daughter, Caylee. However, Anthony will be set free on July 13 since she's served almost three years in jail while awaiting trial with a record of good behavior.
Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty
Despite being found largely guilty in the court of public opinion for murdering her two-year old daughter Caylee in 2008, at approximately 2:15 eastern time this afternoon, a jury of Casey Anthony’s peers found her to be not-guilty of Murder in the First Degree, Aggravated Abuse of a…