What Are the Most Reliable Cars on the Road Today?
The latest automotive reliability survey from Consumer Reports came out this week, and Toyota leads the way. Ford, which had been rising in the ranks recently, fell back this year: it now ranks second-to-last among all auto manufacturers.
What Are the Top Gas-Guzzling Vehicles on the Road?
As the days of buying cheap gasoline pass into the American history books, more and more of us are driving fuel-efficient vehicles as a means to combat those steadily rising gas prices.
That is, unless you happen to have enough money to not give three screaming squirts about how much gas prices go up…
Kat Helps Big Boy Find a Car [ROBCAST]
Yesterday, Big Boy was in very low spirits because his truck died.  Things got even worse because he spent the entire weekend trying to find a car, but he wasn't able to afford any if the cars he saw.  Any car he liked he got denied because of his credit...