World’s Oldest Breakdancing Video Uncovered
We don't know this kid's name, so we're just going to call him ORIGINAL B-BOY. This video, which the Library of Congress has politely decided to share with the world, was made in 1898, and shows a little street urchin performing acrobatics and maybe breaking just a little bit.
Breakdancing Battle [VIDEO]
The amount of skill & physical ability that is required to breakdance... the head stands, the spinning, the juming up and down on ONE hand... is mind blowing to me! Maybe it's because I lack that ability. Who am I kidding? I like physical coordination all together! Re...
Girl Does Break Up Dance in Laundromat
This girl had just gone through a bad break up and decided to let it all hang out at her local laundromat. And the killer part is that the people around her are acting like this is just another day around the way and pays her NO mind!...