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What’s the Stupidest Reason You’ve Broken Up With Someone?
This morning, Kat, Chandelle, and I were talking about a list from Reddit regarding some of the most unbelievable reasons couples have broken up.  You can listen to the audio from the show in the player below, but we'd also love to pose the question to you...  What is the dumbest reas…
Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Break Up
Will we be expecting to hear some heartbreak tunes coming out of Avril Lavigne in the near future? Maybe so, seeing how Lavigne and her boyfriend of nearly two years, Brody Jenner, have broken up, according to Us Weekly.
Lady Gaga Breaks Up With Boyfriend Luc Carl
It appears it was a bad romance after all: According to the Toronto Sun, Lady Gaga has officially split from her 30-year-old boyfriend, drummer Luc Carl.
Gaga confirmed the news Friday during an interview on 'The Graham Norton Show.'
"No, I don't have a boyfriend and haven&apos…