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Boyz II Men Make New Music For Wendy’s [VIDEO]
While I'm sure many people think it's lame for artists to "sell out" by shilling for fast food commercials, I have to admit I kind of like this.  Everybody knows how much I love Boyz II Men my from my very own hometown of Philadelphia.  Also, I have a deep affection for Wendy's and their d…
New Boyz II Men Song
As the November release date for the new Boyz II Men album "Twenty" draws nearer, another single from the album has been released:  Check out "One Up For Love," new Boyz II Men, below:
Boyz II Men Finally Release New Single
The recently-reunited Motown-Philly soul quartet (now trio) have finally gotten together to create new music (their most recent album "Love" was strictly covers), of which the first single has hit the net earlier today!  Check it out!
New Kids on the Backstreet Boyz II Men
If that headline didn't grab your attention, then you were not a fan of 90's pop music!
It's no secret that New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have been on tour and collaborating musically.  What WAS a surprise (at least to the NKOTBSB concertgoers in Orlando this past weekend) was that Boyz I…