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Best Buy Will Try Not to Ruin Christmas Again This Year
Last year, Best Buy made a bunch of their customers angry when they were unable to fill the orders taken on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to a lack of inventory. The company then failed to make its customers aware of this until just days before Christmas. Needless to say, Best Buy&CloseCurlyQuot…
The Best 2012 Black Friday Deals for Internet Nerds
It's time to officially start panicking that you haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Sure you have something in mind for mom and dad. But what about for your internet-obsessed brother or your boyfriend who spends more time on Reddit than he does at work? Where are the 2012 Black Friday deals fo…
Your Official Guide to When Stores Will Open on Black Friday
There is hardly any such thing as Black Friday anymore. With numerous retailers, like Walmart, opening their doors to holiday bargain addicts as early as 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, other retailers must now either join the circus or risk missing out on frantic buyers with turkey hangovers and itchy…
5 Things to Avoid Buying on Black Friday
Time to get your shopping lists ready for Black Thursday - Black Friday!  But before we hit the malls, shops and discount stores there's a few items the experts say it would be a good idea to wait to buy.
Online Shopping Free Shipping Day – Friday December 16th
FREE SHIPPING!!!! Yes you read that right. I said Free Shipping! AND it's TODAY ONLY! There are over 2500 retailers participating in this shopping extraveganza online RIGHT NOW!!! What are you waiting for? Ladies, start your wallets!!
I started my holiday shopping online, and I have already rece…
Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday
Today is Cyber Monday, one of the BUSIEST online shopping days of the year. How do you prefer to do your holiday shopping, online, or fighting your way through the isles and check-outs?

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