black eyed peas

Ultimate Misheard Lyric Compilation
Admit it, there's nothing worse than singing in your car with your friends and not knowing the lyrics so you just sing what you think the song says, and inevitably you have that one lame friend corrects you, and you're just like wow thanks "friend".  Well this video is essentially that fri… Announces New Solo Album
Even though there have been many rumors that the Black Eyed Peas are disbanding, one saying that the group was going to replace Fergie, has steadfastly denied the gossip about the BEPs parting ways. Despite this, the group appears to be taking a hiatus since Will is getting ready to releas…
Weather Forces Black-Eyed Peas to Cancel Free Concert
Severe thunderstorms forced the Black Eyed Peas to cancel a free benefit concert in New York's Central Park Thursday night, angering tens of thousands of fans who waited hours in the rain to see them perform.
The concert, which was being held to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation, an anti-poverty orga…