Big Boy

Big Boy Eulogizes The Rob [VIDEO]
Last night I received a panicked facebook message from a friend of The Rob who was unable to reach him. He was suppose to be at their house at 7pm... Rob is NEVER late! So of course, I was worried. I tried to call Rob, but it went straight to voicemail...
Which Movie is Funnier [POLL]
This morning The Rob was upset to find out that Kat and Big Boy didn't like the movie "Anchorman."  Big Boy even went as far as to say "Talladega Nights" was funnier.  Which movie do you think is funnier?
Big Boy is a Genius [ROBCAST]
Some people go DAYS without having deep thoughts or great ideas.  Big Boy had TWO great ideas this morning alone!
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)
Here’s a Picture of Big Boy’s Home-Made Belt [PHOTO]
Big Boy came in today holding his pants up like a homeless person.  He informed us that his belt broke on the way to work.  He went out to his truck and found a length of speaker wire, fed it through his belt loops, and is now wearing THIS instead of his belt:

Do You Remember Press Your Luck? [VIDEO]
This morning on The Rob's Radio Show we were discussing our favorite TV game shows when were children.  A few people called in and said "Press Your Luck."  Kat and Big Boy had never seen or heard of this show, and this upset me because it is definitely a classic...
Big Boy Cries, Too [ROBCAST]
We have shared some pretty emotional moments on The Rob's Radio Show.  Yesterday we shared one of Kat coming to tears over he daughter.  Over the 2 1/2 years Big Boy has been on The Rob's Radio Show, he has cried a handful of times.  Here is one example of when Big Boy started weeping while talking …

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