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The Worst of The Rob – 1 Hour Away!
Don't forget to tune in to the Worst of The Rob every Saturday morning from 8-noon!  You can also tune it in on your RadioPup app on your smartphone.  If you're near your computer, you can also stream live RIGHT HERE!  Here's a quick preview of some of the highlights yo…
Kat Can’t Sleep [ROBCAST]
At the very beginning of the show this morning, Kat confessed that she has not been sleeping .  Dr. Rob tried diagnosing and helping her in his usual fashion.
The Worst of The Rob Starts Now!
Don't miss "The Worst of The Rob," beginning RIGHT NOW on 106.1 KISS-FM!!  The show features some of what you may have missed earlier in the week on "The Rob's Radio Show!"  Here's a sneak preview of some of what you will hear on the show:
Behind the Scenes Look – New 106.1 KISS-FM Promo Shoot
The KISS Crew got together last week and film a commercial for our "Win Cash in May" contest, and I must say I'm happy how my first commercial debut came out! I was actually kind of nervous, believe it or not , and I spent a crazy amount time in the mirror practicing my smile …
Don’t Miss The Worst of The Rob
In a just a few hours, "The Worst of The Rob" will air on 106.1 KISS-FM.  Don't miss some of the highlights from "The Rob's Radio Show" EVERY Saturday morning from 8-noon on KISS!
Here is a sample from the show:
The Worst Of The Rob [AUDIO]
Don't miss The Worst Of The Rob every Saturday morning from 8-noon!  Here is a preview of tomorrow's broadcast, involving another one of Kat's parenting philosophies.

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