Big Boy

Separated at Birth – Volume 3
Every once in a while I stumble across something that likes identical to KISS-FM personality Big Boy.  Here is another example, I have a hard time telling them apart.
A Different Big Boy Sings Embarrassingly
We all remember the infamous video of Big Boy singing "The Climb" into his burrito.  Here is another overweight possibly mentally-challenged man letting loose on a Katy Perry classic.  I've got to thank Daniel Tosh for the heads-up on this video:
Poor Grammar Will Be The Death Of Us [VIDEO]
I ran across this video today and I was reminded of how many times I've heard The Rob call out Big Boy for his poor grammar. I've even heard The Rob correct Kiss Listeners when their grammar is incorrect. It's fun when I can catch Rob using "here" instead of &quo…
How Big is Big Boy’s T-Shirt
It's always an exciting event when you receive a 6XL T-shirt in the mail.  We can ALL relate to trying on our XXXXXXL clothing to see if they fit, can't we?  Naturally, when we got our Ski Day shirts in, we had a hard time telling whose shirt was whose...
The Worst of The Rob
Get ready for "The Worst of The Rob" coming up tonight from 6-11!  Here's a quick preview of what you will hear!

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