Big Boy

Big Boy’s Deep Fat Massage
Another special thanks to Misty and Carrie from Evansville Massage Specialists for not being too disgusted to give Big Boy his deep tissue massage:
Boy Sings GaGa’s ‘You & I’ in the Kitchen [VIDEO]
Could this be Big Boy's long lost baby brother? Even if they weren't cut from the same (loin) cloth, maybe this could be the next big act at Club La Big Boy! In all seriousness, this young man has a fantastic "stage (kitchen) presence" and he sold me on the performance of…
Fall Festival – Day 1
Here are the pictures The Rob took from Fall Festival, Day 1.  Admittedly, most of them are of Big Boy, but enjoy them nonetheless:
Big Boy Makes Ass of Himself, Does Zero Pullups
Every friday you can join The Rob's Radio Show With Kat Mykals and Big Boy at a local high school football game in the tri-state with Local 7.  Big Boy made a big splash by entering the pullup competion on live TV:

You may be shocked to find out he …
Big Boy’s Family Portrait
Today on The Rob's Radio Show, Big Boy revealed that he had been keeping his dad's ashes in his truck.  I promised that if Boy Boy was telling the truth, I would put a picture on the website.  Big Boy was in fact telling the truth, so here is a picture of Big Boy and his dad:
Big Boy Not Such a Bad Son After All
After taking a lot of grief on The Rob's Radio Show for forgetting his mother's birthday yesterday, KISS-FM radio personality Big Boy found a way to make his mother's day.  Here is video of Big Boy giving his mother her birthday gift:
Club La Big Boy
Yesterday on The Rob's Radio Show we learned that Big Boy has a bedroom in his friend's basement that has a laser light show hooked up to the Clapper.  Here is a quick tour of Big Boy's nightclub/bedroom, Club La Big Boy:

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